ANEBA is an accessory line showcasing African luxury through products inspired by Kente. Our mission is to modernize & reimagine Kente one piece at a time. We not only provide our client with a statement product, we also offer the opportunity to custom design Kente from scratch - from picking the color pallets, to symbols, we work with our clients to represent and personalize the fabric to their needs.


Jenn Nnuro is a first generation Ghanaian-American raised in Los Angeles, CA. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, she always had a passion to shift the narrative about cultural inclusion within the fashion world. ANEBA was birthed from a mere desire to show herself unapologetically,  while paying homage to a country and a people who contributed greatly to who she is.


Kente is a generational business dating back decades ago. Her grandfather Kwaku Nnuro was a great business man who pioneered commercialized Kente in the Ashanti region of Ghana. With ANEBA, her goal is to create an urbanized twist to a  traditional cloth through unique pieces inspired by Kente.

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